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Fascinating Facts - Human Body

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Editor:  HarperCollins
ISBN:  9780008169251
Nr.Páginas:  72
Ano de Edição:  2016
Nr. de Edição:  3
Fascinating Facts: Human Body helps introduce children to anatomy by making learning fun, fresh and full of facts. Packed with information about the nervous system to the five senses, you?ll learn all about human biology and about your body?s control centre, the brain.

This colourful and engaging book offers hours of fun learning and is also a great support for biology schoolwork, projects and home learning. It is easy to follow, plus a fun and entertaining read for young children.

· A great balance between important scientific information and fun, entertaining facts

· A great introduction to learning about your body with diagrams and illustrations

· Educational but easily digestible

· Ideal reference book for children aged 5+

Part of the Fascinating Facts series of reference books for young readers, with eleven other titles to collect.

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