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Collins Big Cat: Jodie the Juggler: Band 05/Green

French, Vivian

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Editor:  HarperCollins
ISBN:  9780007185986
Nr.Páginas:  24
Ano de Edição:  2005
Nr. de Edição:  
odie loves to juggle - plates, oranges, anything! But his mum isn't so keen as Jodie has lots of 'accidents' when practising his skills. She'd rather Jodie played something less destructive, like football. Will she persuade Jodie to swap his juggling for football? And will Jodie the footballer be less accident-prone than Jodie the juggler?

- Green/ Band 5 books offer early readers patterned language and varied characters.

- Text type - A story with a familiar setting.

The table on page 22 and 23 prompts children to recap and discuss the story.

- Curriculum links - PE: Games and activities.

- This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.

- This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader.

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