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Cambridge Global English Starters Learner's Book A
Pritchard, Gabrielle
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R Obl 1 Omega Files

Bassett, Jennifer

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Editor:  Oxford University Press
ISBN:  9780194229609
Nr.Páginas:  64
Ano de Edição:  2004
Nr. de Edição:  
Ellen Shore's family is an ordinary American family, and Ellen is six years old when her brother Al is born. Her parents are very pleased to have a son, but Ellen is not pleased, because now baby Al comes first. And when they are adults, Al still comes first. He begins a rock band and makes records. Soon he is rich and famous - very rich, but he gives nothing to his sister Ellen. She has a difficult life, with three young kids and very little money. And she learns to hate her rich, famous, unkind brother ...

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