Billionaire Boy

Autor(s) David Walliams

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Editora: HarperCollins
Ano: 2011
Nº Páginas: 288
Peso: 0 Kg
Dimensões: mm
ISBN: 9780007371082
Categoria(s) Infanto-juvenil
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Not got a billion pounds? Or even a million? Cheer up! If you’ve got good friends and this book to read, you’ve got life sorted. Joe is rich. Very rich. The wealthiest twelve-year-old in the land. He has a lot of reasons to be happy. About a billion reasons, in fact. Like: his own bowling alley. His own cinema. Even his own orangutan butler. Jealous yet? Don’t be. Joe has absolutely everything money can buy. But there’s one huge thing missing: a friend…

The third book by the amazing David Walliams

This was screened on BBC TV for Christmas 2015

Full of humour and heart, with a touching message

Witty pictures by top children’s artist Tony Ross

“A triumphant mix of wit and warmth.” Telegraph