50 Fantastic Ideas for Songs and Rhymes

Autor(s) Helen Battelley

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Editora: Featherstone
Ano: 2021
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ISBN: 9781472976857
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There's no better way to get children moving, laughing and learning than with songs and dance, but sometimes it can feel like you've exhausted your rhyme repertoire or simply run out of musical steam. 50 Fantastic Ideas for Songs and Rhymes offers a mixture of traditional favourites, fresh alternatives to well-known rhymes, action songs, original rhythms and funny verse that will have everyone giggling. All activities include suggestions for actions and dances and tips for incorporating songs and rhymes into other areas of children's learning.

Adults will feel confident singing and moving to music with children, whether one-to-one or in groups, and children will love the repetition, rhymes and rhythmic movements of these activities. Drawing on developmental research to compile the very best musical activities, this book will boost practitioners' confidence and improve children's cognitive abilities and movement skills. With over 40 books in the 50 Fantastic Ideas series there's something for everyone - whether you're a practitioner looking for new ideas or you want to try out a popular well-loved activity with a new twist.

Each book offers a wide range of fun and creative activities to carry out with children aged 0 - 5 years, with lists of resources, step-by-step instructions and information about the benefits for children.