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Editora: Rebelion
Ano: 2017
Nº Páginas: 64
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Dimensões: mm
ISBN: 9781911091097
Categoria(s) Literatura Noutros Idiomas
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Dr Livesey opened up the folded paper. As he spread it out on the table in front of him, I gasped. Even a brief glimpse was enough to tell me it was a map of a small island – and a red cross had been drawn upon it, together with the words ‘The treasure lies here’.

After the discovery of the map young Jim Hawkins joins an expedition to the island with Dr Livesey and the squire. But who else knows the secret of the buried treasure?

Soon Jim and his companions find that they are in a desperate fight for survival with Captain Flint’s old shipmates, who are determined to kill everyone who stands between them and the hidden gold. Who is the peculiar man who lives on the island? Whose side is he on?

When Jim is separated from his friends, can he think of a way to outwit the pirates before they capture him