Isadora Moon and the New Girl

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Editora: Oxford University Press
Ano: 2023
Nº Páginas: 128
Peso: 0 Kg
Dimensões: mm
ISBN: 9780192778086
Categoria(s) Infanto-juvenil
Disponibilidade: Indisponível

Isadora Moon is special because shes different. Her mum is a fairy, her dad is a vampire, and she's a bit of both. When a new girl, Ava, joins her class, Isadora is keen to make friends.

But Avas not interested. She'd much rather be back at her old school, with her old friends, who are much more fun to play with. Isadora's classmates are happy to leave Ava on her own since she clearly doesn't like them, but Isadora figures out that there's something more going on beneath Avas unfriendly surface.

Can Isadora help Ava to let her guard down, and give her new school a chance?A magical story about the power of kindness, inclusivity, and friendship. With irresistible pink and black artwork throughout, Isadora Moon is a unique heroine with an out-of-this-world family!