Waves, The

Autor(s) Virginia Woolf

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Editora: HarperCollins
Ano: 2022
Nº Páginas: 288
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Dimensões: mm
ISBN: 9780008527891
Categoria(s) Literatura Noutros Idiomas
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There was a star riding through clouds one night, and I said to the star, Consume me Six friends traverse the uneven road of life together in Virginia Woolf's most unconventional classic. Bernard, Jinny, Louis, Neville, Rhoda and Susan first meet as children by the sea, and their lives are forever changed.

A poetic novel written in a lyrical way only Woolf could master, these narrators face both triumph and tragedy that touches them all. Throughout their lives, they examine the relationship between past and present, and the meaning of life itself. A landmark of innovative fiction and the most experimental of Virginia Woolf's novels, The Waves is still regarded as one of the greatest works ever written in the English language.